NETFLIX Genre: British Period Pieces

Netflix box art for An Ideal Husband An Ideal Husband
1999 / 93

A member of Parliament learns his career and marriage will suffer scandal unless he submits to a blackmailer in this adaptation of Oscar Wilde's play.

Netflix box art for Centurion Centurion
2010 / 3.6 stars / 93
Cc Hd

In 2nd-century Britain, a famed centurion and a handful of Roman soldiers try to survive behind enemy lines after Pict tribesmen decimate the platoon. A Roman warrior is trapped behind enemy lines with savage foes who don't take prisoners. Surrender is not an option.

Netflix box art for The Forsyte Saga - Series 2 Forsyte Saga - Series 2, The
2002 / 3.4 / 74

This epic miniseries follows the Victorian pride of the privileged Forsyte clan through the scandals of the family's patriarch, Soames. A stuffy Victorian Family. Their beautiful daughter. Will sexual repression, scandal and tight corsets destroy her?

Netflix box art for Great Expectations Great Expectations
2012 / 128

Fate -- with a little help from a mysterious unnamed benefactor -- whisks young orphan Pip from poverty to a life of unexpected wealth. His life is a classic rags-to-riches story. But all the wealth in the world means nothing if he can't have her.

Netflix box art for Henry V Henry V
1989 / 132

This epic screen adaptation of William Shakespeare's play follows King Henry V as he leads a heavily outnumbered army into a war against France.

Netflix box art for The Last Legion Last Legion, The
2007 / 3.4 / 97
Cc Hd

With his empire crumbling and his parents dead, 12-year-old Roman Emperor Romulus is exiled to Capri with his mystical tutor. A royal orphan is trained and protected by a mystical tutor. A magic sword could seal his fate as emperor of Rome.

Netflix box art for Romeo Romeo
2013 / 118

Oscar-winning writer and "Downton Abbey" creator Julian Fellowes provides the screenplay for this version of Shakespeare's classic tale. Two teenagers, a three-day love affair and six gruesome deaths. One fantastic love story for all eternity.