NETFLIX Genre: Danish Crime Movies

Netflix box art for Fidibus Fidibus
2006 / 97

To pay off an old debt, Kalle ends up as a gofer for a drug baron. When he's sent to jail, Kalle takes over his business -- with disastrous results.

Netflix box art for Jensen & Jensen Jensen & Jensen
2011 / 3.3 / 79
Cc Hd

Two amateur bounty hunters are up against sadistic cops, armed Vatican cardinals and a horny goat as they track down Europe's most dangerous criminal. In the near future, teen brothers go after a criminal mastermind. Can two amateurs save Denmark from doom?

Netflix box art for Kandidaten Kandidaten
2008 / 3.7 / 94
Cc Hd

Framed and blackmailed for a brutal murder, defense attorney Jonas Bechmann frantically searches for the people who've set him up. Blackmail and a murder conspiracy are normally problems that his clients have to deal with, not him.

Netflix box art for Olsen Banden på dybt vand Olsen Banden på dybt vand
2013 / 76

Felonious Egon Olsen and his cronies scheme to rip off an oil company, but crocodiles, a ramshackle submarine and other troubles hinder their plans.