NETFLIX Genre: Nordic Children & Family Movies

Netflix box art for Olsen-banden på de bonede gulve Olsen-banden på de bonede gulve
2010 / 3.6 / 75
Cc Hd

The gang is given a job for the Prime Minister's Office: Steal H. C. Andersen's quill pen. But what about Hallandsen, their enemy? Egon has a plan. If the money's right, no job is too big for these small-time crooks. But watch out for double-crossers ...

Netflix box art for Tjuvarnas jul: Trollkarlens dotter Tjuvarnas jul: Trollkarlens dotter
2014 / 89

Feeling forgotten by her new family and their new baby, Charlie attends a traveling fair, where she meets a mysterious wizard full of strange secrets.