NETFLIX Genre: Police Mysteries

Netflix box art for All Good Things All Good Things
2010 / 96

After real-estate scion David weds middle-class Katie against the wishes of his father, suspicions of murder fall on the heir when Katie vanishes. A beautiful, wealthy young couple seems to have it all. When she vanishes, his mask of sanity starts to slip.

Netflix box art for The Bone Collector Bone Collector, The
1999 / 117

A rookie cop reluctantly teams with a paralyzed ex-detective to catch a grisly serial killer dubbed the Bone Collector in this crime thriller. Confined to a bed, a former cop hunts a serial killer using only his wisdom and experience ... and a new partner.

Netflix box art for Faces in the Crowd Faces in the Crowd
2011 / 3.5 / 102
Cc Hd

Milla Jovovich stars in this thriller about a woman who suffers from "face-blindness," the inability to remember people's faces. She remembers the attack, but not her attacker's face. That makes it a bit hard to see what's coming.

Netflix box art for From Hell From Hell
2001 / 122

An inspector who relies on drug-addled visions to do his work investigates a complex conspiracy involving the systematic murder of prostitutes. An opium-smoking sleuth goes after the worst criminal of all ... and finds a conspiracy that goes to the top.

Netflix box art for Gone Gone
2012 / 3.7 / 94
Cc Hd

Returning from her night job, Jill expects to find her sister home in bed. When she doesn't, she knows just where to look -- her own past abductor. She almost died by a killer's hands once before. She's about to put her life on the line again for her sister.

Netflix box art for Hollywoodland Hollywoodland
2006 / 126

When George Reeves -- star of the TV series "Adventures of Superman" -- turns up dead, a private eye investigates and unearths some strange secrets. A real-life TV icon who wasn't a man of steel. It was called a suicide, but for one P.I., a few things didn't fly.

Netflix box art for Malice Malice
1993 / 106

In this twisty thriller, an egotistical surgeon moves in with a college dean and his wife, who's immediately uneasy around their new tenant. A surgeon with a God complex rents a room from a happy couple and upends their world. Who's playing who?

Netflix box art for Perfect Stranger Perfect Stranger
2007 / 108

Ro risks her life to discover the identity of a stranger lurking on the Internet who might hold the answers to her friend's murder. A tough reporter goes offline to hit a powerful enemy where it hurts. She has no clue what she's up against.

Netflix box art for The Pledge Pledge, The
2001 / 123

On the eve of his retirement, a homicide detective takes the case of a murdered young girl, promising the parents he'll see it through to the end.

Netflix box art for Primal Fear Primal Fear
1996 / 130

When a blood-spattered altar boy is found running from a murder scene, his conviction seems certain -- but his attorney is determined to win the case. A high-powered attorney in a murder trial has questions about his client’s innocence. But losing is not an option.

Netflix box art for Shutter Island Shutter Island
2010 / 138

A U.S. marshal's troubling visions compromise his investigation into the disappearance of a patient from a hospital for the criminally insane. He's crazy to take the case. It's insane to believe he can solve it. In reality, the madness is just beginning.